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These pages are designed to provide family history, current family news, upcoming events, and a media through which family members may communicate and share photos as a means of promoting family togetherness.




Our Family

The Nisly family referred to in this web site consist of all the direct descendents of Eli and Alma Nisly. Although our parents lived in Oklahoma for approximately nine years, our roots are in Kansas.




Our Family Profile

We are the direct descendants of Eli and Alma Nisly, both deceased, December 26, 1998 and November 28, 1996 respectively. We have a strong commitment to staying in touch through our monthly family publication, frequent e-mail correspondence and family get-togethers whenever possible. Because of our commitment to staying in touch with each other, our family has been dubbed the Eli and Alma Togetherness Society or EATS for short.

Beginning with our parents, we are currently a five-generation family (four living generations) consisting of 15 married siblings, 58 grandchildren, 129 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great-grandchildren. 



I'm presenting a few photos from our little family get-together on Memorial Day weekend. Click on each photo to see it enlarged. 

To view captions on a few of the first photos, hold the curser over the photo.



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